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Nemo'S Surf School.lombok

Nemo'S Surf School
Nemo'S Surf School lombok.
learn to surf with the best and big fun surf school for only $30.
abdull and his crew the man hows arrange Nemo'S Surf School is amazing how proper surf instruction can accelerate your learn curve.relieving most frustration beginning surfer endure.
Our personal ,friendly qualified instructor will encorage and guide your rapid progression. We guarantee one lesson you will stand up.

 Trust and believe it,,,,,our good trained instructor will introduce you the basics 0f surfing lesson on the sand [ground] bifore going in to the waves.will showing you good how to balance your body on the board. how stand up technic in full of big smile;.
In one hour ours qualified instructor will wach over you and arrange for you whats surfing fun is really all about.

 We guarantee you be able to stand up in your surf board in first surfing lesson. Our qual,quality technic of our teaching apart from the actual learning. we will also guarantee that you will exspirience and enjoyable and momorable within in yours sweat holydays
we are selected and we have bigest fun PROOF IT.

Contact Person :
HP. +6287865592891

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